the food was super good!! i got a single waffle and my brother got a co-offee waffle and that was also delicious perfect if you have a sweet tooth!! and the coffee was also delicious my sister got vanilla ice coffee and it was too strong nor too sweet and i got a an abuelita frappe it had a little bit too much ice and wasn't blended all the way so there were a bits of ice in the frappe and there wasn't much flavor but it was still refreshing :) and our server was super genuine and kind!!

Val Utajara

Delicious food! Great service! Super good price for great quality!

Selene Torres

Local business in Clint, TX. This is the chicken and waffles! Chicken was so juicy! Waffles super soft! Enjoyed their passion fruit refresher! Must try!

Christine C

Very delicious and great service!! The matcha milk tea tasted like a matcha latte from Starbucks. The waffles were very tasty and a good size the inside gives off great vibes and very trendy different than other breakfast places in El Paso.10/10 recommend!!

Lindsey Hernandez

Had a good time. Good food and great service.

Brenda Reyes

The waffles are amazing! The coffee was very tasty and rich. The customer service was also amazing


The caramel frappe tastes similar to one sold at a coffee shop in Ireland. Super good!

Ivanka LiliUoKalani J

Service was AMAZING. Food was AMAZING. 100% recommended

Sofia Aguirre

Super great customer service, very friendly environment, and the drinks we ordered were really good.

Nancy Madridmarquez

Amazing!!! Perfect for my Birthday breakfast♡ First time I don't go to Denny's on my birthday and honestly don't miss it haha

Stephany Garcia

Great prices. Friendly staff, great taste!

Chris Loveless

I came here the other day and I have to say, I loved it! I had heard from my good friend who knows the owners that the Coffee Waffle was just wonderful when she went there! I like to critic new restaurants I go to and I was looking forward to this one for sure. First I would like to mention the exterior of the cafe: the little outdoor patio looked great; the vine-covered lattice fence eve REALLY tied the whole entire place together, and made me feel like I wasn't in the desert anymore. When I walked inside, I was pleasantly surprised to smell a sweet aroma of vanilla cream and maple syrup. Just that scent on the other side of the door is enough to make a person ask for whatever is available! The interior of the cafe was this cute, comfy looking room with plenty of space, and a nice playlist of music in the background. The whole place just had this relaxed and homely feel. All of the furniture and decor had lots of detail. The service I got was exceptional, even before they knew that I would be writing a review. The menu had a great variety of drinks, coffee, waffles, paninis, and salads. There wasn't too much to choose from, nor too little. I ordered what they call a, "Co-ffle" which was a waffle with chocolate, caramel, ice cream and whipped cream. The order came in a short amount of time, and it was delicious! The sizing and amounts of syrups were perfect, and it was just a scrumptious meal (maybe not the healthiest, but yum). The prices here weren't bad either. I have only a few notes to mention: The large chalkboard menu at the counter was amazing, but I feel like the hand-held ones needed more detail on what each order was exactly; The waffles here are delicious, but just a tad too dry; Not a big fan of the fennel in the panini bread, but that's just me; Last, the one strip of fake grass on the wall to hide the electrical cord looked a little odd, so you might want to think about switching that with some kind of string lights like the ones on the ceiling and place more like them on the other walls so that the hiding ones aren't the only wall-lights.

That's really all the negative things I can say! The food was great, the interior/exterior were great, the service was great! I had an overall wonderful experience here at the Coffee Waffle, and I look forward to coming again. ;D

4 Dolls and a Movie

Good food and excellent customer service. No need to drive all the way to Dunkin anymore.

Moe Reyes

This place is great. Clint needed something like this. It has a cute vintage vibe and the service is great, coffee and waffles are delicious. I highly recommend you check this place out.

Jennifer Mendoza

Great little place to support in clint 100% would recommend and will be going back

liberty garcia

Got a ice coffee and hot coffee coffee was a bir weak BUT I'm sure it will change when they get the hang of it! Still tasty great price and will he back for sure!

Angel Mendoza

Very nice and elegant the staff was very polite and respectful and the food is amazing definitely recommend!!!

Johnny Mora

Welcoming & super cute place in Clint Texas! Wish we had a place like this in Midland! Amazing food & even better customer service! Support local!

Crystal Enriquez de Anda

Very attentive and corteous staff. Everything simple with the highest quality of food and service.

Debbie Q.

Wonderful food and the staff was extremely friendly.

Andi P.